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As some of you may know, state budget cuts have significantly reduced funding for schools and classrooms and has resulted in many teachers, such as myself, having to go out-of-pocket for basic classroom supplies.

As a result of this, I have searched for alternative ways to fundraise for my classroom and have come across a website called Ziggedy that I believe can really help. Ziggedy lets me recruit supporters who can earn funds for my classroom without costing them anything extra by simply making one click before they shop online.

I can really use your help! I would be extremely grateful if you could please take a quick moment to support my classroom by creating your Ziggedy account at

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Ms Marissa Williams
The Environmental Lakes and Wastewater manager spoke to Ms williams Class about runoff and keeping the environment clean on October 25,2013.  She also is a leader in the Cambrian Foundation:Non-Profit OrganizationDedicated to research, education, preservation, and exploration of the aquatic realm....They focus on biological samples from underwater caves around the world.she speaks to thousands on students yearly about freshwater lakes of Florida and how to keep trash and runoff from destroying them.  She detailed the water cycle and gave every child an activity book to help them understand how they can help.
Her foundation can be found at:
marissaTatia Williams



Hi! I teach second grade this year for the third year at JIES.  I have previously taught grades 2-12 in many subjects. I have over 18 years experience teaching.

Please use this link to order scholastic books.  Every order goes towards books in my classroom.

Also you can just enter the code H28ND
I love hamsters!

I have two lovely daughters!
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