Laura Harley

The Harley Herald

Weekly Updates from 3D

Edition 12: November 30, 2015

What’s Up Next?

Math: Looking at patterns in multiplication and division

Reading/ELA – Informational writing, verb tenses, What Illustrators Do

Science – Continuing with our water investigations – learning the states of matter

Social Studies – Continuing to learn about Native American tribes in SC and early settlers to our state – Test Friday



  • We continue to have about following directions, both in our room and in special areas. Please discuss with your children the need to follow directions, use respect when speaking to peers, and only talking when it is appropriate.
  • Scholastic holiday orders are due at the beginning of December. If you want to order, please do so! Either order online or send a check in to me.

Spelling Words: three scrap spring thrill scream strange throw string scrape spray threw strong scratch thinkthey scramble
HF Words: through buy then who they
Challenge Word: straight



If you can at home, please let your children sign onto They know the login. It’s a great way to practice those pesky math facts!

Please be sure to keep on top of homework. Lots of assignments have been missing recently.




Next Week’s Test Schedule:

Wednesday: Math and Language for Today

Friday: Spelling test, Social Studies Ch 3 Test

MAP Testing is coming up again. We will take Reading on 12/16, Math on 1/11, and Language on 1/20.


Dates to Remember:

Dec 7-11: Book Fair!

Dec 10: Holiday Music Performance

Dec 16: Reading MAP

Jan 11: Math MAP

Jan 20: Language MAP





  • Please practice addition and subtraction facts with your children. Multiplication and division will be much easier if your children have these facts down!