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Tatia Williams

T. Williams's Class - James Island Elementary School




One day there was a boy named Charlie. He liked to go skiing alot and he was going on a skiing trip. He was skipping three daysof school to go there. He was going on a plane to get there. SoonCharlie started skiing he shot down the mountain then he washeaded right into a big tall pine tree. He swerved away from thetree but he hit a big rock and he shot into the air. He was headed head first into the snow. He had to flip in the air to land on his feet.If he hadn’t flipped in mid air he would have shot head first intothe snow. He went down smoothly for the rest of the mountain.The next morning he went to a even bigger mountain. The he had a ski lift to go up to the top of the mountain. Then he went down it.There was a smooth ride down when he got to the bottom of the mountain he went back to where he was staying. This went on the next few days. Then he went home and after that he went back to school The End




If I were a cat then I would snugly with my owner. Then I would be eating my lunch and it would be I would be eating my dinner to.Then after that we would have are kitty treats. We will be scaring the everyone and everything. Then we will nock done a lot of stuff. Next we will just be jumping on the owners. Then we willnock done there laptop to.last we will go to are owners and get on them.




Ounces upon a time there was a hamster 🐹 named hamster hero.Hamster 🐹 hero had a friend named turkey 🦃 hero.
Turkey 🦃 hero could fly in the sky like a bird 🦅. Hamster
🐹 hero had a hid out in a cave were they made flying sots to
fly in when the sots were done they flew to a airplane
️ they go ton the airplane the airplane went to Hawaii. The plan landed onthe island 🌴 they flew away to the hideout in the cava. They flewto the flying sots to see what to do. So they went to the park to see if there were people at the park. There were some people there at the park so they could help them turkey 🦃 hero went toNew York City 🌃 to see what was going on there. Turkey 🦃 hero went back to Hawaii.
Hamster hero went to the hideout to see the world 🌎.




I am a dog and it is not cool.i have to eat REALY REALlY REALYBAD FOOD IT TACED LIKE A FROG ON A COW.nope nope no thank you never again. I am never going to eat that.never in my life now or I will turn in to a kitten.but at least I get a chew toy.i am going to hulk smash do it.its really cool.


My best friend is really cute. We love being able to do things forfun.
We love the spring and we love it so much
💗💗. I like it when wecan see the 🌞.
I love the things we can do with the dogs and 🐈.we like to talk alot and we love
💕 being to have fun it is so fun.wehave fun.i love being friends love it.😘😘😘😘😘😘




I love my mom she is very cool.
And she is a good mom my .
Mom is a good friend to my
Mom is really nice and she is.
And she buyed me a new dog .
And I love my new dog l.
Play with me 3hour a day.
And my love me to and.
I love my mom so much.
And that’s why I love my mom.




Cooper wen’t on a expedition Ching Ching he killed a rabbit 🐇. Wehave to go eat some food 🥘 come on guys ahhhh
that’s a good joke cooper no it’s a b-b-b-bear run for it. We all ran4-miles from that bear
🐻 and then wolves 🐺.
I hope we don’t run into natives. Now we can eat food 6 hourslater. Z-z-z-z-z-z 10 hours later oh no
🙈 natives run
for it again ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. We have been beaten up and awwa bee bit me and bit by a bee. We better be leaving soon thesooner the better. Ya we’re going home finally. Good to eat realfood again and play.
By Dominic Timothy Willoughby.



I had to go to the bathroom and no road trip and I had to go reallybad
And when I had to go really bad
My mom said no not until we get to the house
And I had a really really really
😊 and I really really really could nothold
And then I






Make our school shine its Beacon!


Ms Marissa Williams
The Environmental Lakes and Wastewater manager spoke to Ms williams Class about runoff and keeping the environment clean on October 25,2013.  She also is a leader in the Cambrian Foundation:Non-Profit OrganizationDedicated to research, education, preservation, and exploration of the aquatic realm....They focus on biological samples from underwater caves around the world.she speaks to thousands on students yearly about freshwater lakes of Florida and how to keep trash and runoff from destroying them.  She detailed the water cycle and gave every child an activity book to help them understand how they can help.
Her foundation can be found at:
marissaTatia Williams



Hi! I teach second grade this year for the third year at JIES.  I have previously taught grades 2-12 in many subjects. I have over 18 years experience teaching.

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