Volunteer Opportunities

General Volunteer Programs- JIES invites families to volunteer in many ways; choose to monitor the cafeteria, playground, shelve books in the library, serve as a class parent or help out at any of our many events.


Mrs. Chirles,

Mrs. Ludwick,


Tennis- Volunteers for the school's Tennis team range from helping coach to organization of communication. Inquire for specifics.

Contact: Kristen Caudle, or the Main Office (843-762-8240)

Math/Reading Buddies- Volunteers tutor students in math and or reading and is a rewarding way to help a child succeed.
Contact: Mrs. Chirles,

Wellness Team- The Wellness Team focuses on providing healthy options and activities for our students, e. g. Fun Run, Walk the Pond, Garden Club, Water Initiative, and Healthy Snack Initiative

Contact: Ms Chirles,
Kate Counts,  
Nurse Bonita Davies,

Outdoor Classroom - Take Learning Outside! Volunteers can chaperone classes who are using the outdoor classroom. 
Contact: Jessica Hardesty Norris,

PTA- Volunteer's help the PTA team support the teachers in a variety of ways. Inquire about how you can help support JIES through PTA involvement.

Contact: Amy Vestal,

School Improvement Council- Volunteers help the council plan and execute the state mandated 5-year renewal plan, help to create The Report to the Parents, and the Executive Summary found on our State Report Card. These are school-specific plans and documents created through collaborative input to bring new programs and goals to JIES.

Contact: Ms. Gregory,


Teach Spanish- Volunteers can coordinate with teachers to bring weekly Spanish lesson's into the curriculum. Foreign language is currently not one of the state mandated curriculum for the elementary school, and relies on volunteers.

Contact: Melissa Ladd,


Classroom Aid- Volunteers can coordinate with teachers to offer support in many different ways. 

Contact: The specific class teacher directly that you wish to help.