First Grade STEAM Highlights

First Grade has been learning about ROCKS! We collected rocks and examined them closely.  We compared them by size, color, shape, and other properties. We measured them and weighed them. We did experiments with rocks and even designed pet rocks. We wrote about the rocks and presented them to the class! The children did a great job on their design challenge about rocks and had fun doing it!

pet rocks

pet rocks 2

pet rocks 4 

pet rocks 6

pet rocks 9

The first graders were introduced to the engineering design process at the beginning of the school year while focusing on the science FOSS Kit: Finding the Moon. After reading, "My Most Magnificent Thing" by Ashley Spires, a question was posed. How can we find out more about the moon? Each collaborative team imagined, planned, created & tested, improved, and had fun using recycled materials to build their "Most Magnificent Thing" to find out more about the moon!

magnificent 2

magnificent 5

magnificent 6